Peace of mind for you and your family online

YEHS Doc is an online doctor service built as a solution to eliminate long waiting time and inconveniences of seeing a doctor face to face.
YEHS Doc delivers safe, discrete, convinient and affordable consultations.

Online Video Consultations

Convenient Discrete Live Video Consultations with medical specialist in secure environment. Consultation can be one-to-one or together with your loved ones.

Online Chat Consultation

YEHS Doc understands that occasionally you may choose not to see a doctor but to chat with him/her. To address this need YEHS Doc offers expert advice in writing.

Prescription with optional delivery

You can order private prescriptions from the privacy of your home and your medication will be dispensed and delivered by one of our pharmacy partners.

Online Video Consultations

Companies have long had an interest in keeping workers healthy. YEHS Doc is an excellent incentive and one of the tools for your employees’ healtcare.

What we treat

Depending on your preference you may choose to prefill Medical Assessment Questionnaire to save your consultation time on Question Answer session. So even before your appointment starts your doctor will have a chance to get familiar with you symptoms and medical history. We treat a number of conditions from simple flu to mental health issues.

Online Nutritionist

YEHS Doc offers a simple way to get in touch with a specialist

Simply select your prefered mode for the consultation with a doctor. You can choose from a range of options depending on the
level of interaction that suits you! Only for a limited time, you can also try our Asynchronous Consultation service for FREE!

Fix an Appointment

Book an appointment at your preferred time or check availability of doctors instantly. You will be requested to fill in a Medical Questionnaire about your symptoms and medical history. The doctor will then have your health history and the necessary information regarding your condition before the appointment leading to faster, more efficient diagnosis and provision of advice. It will also save time and money during consultation.

Before your Appointment

As part of our service we will send you a reminder by SMS/email about your booked appointment but should you need to change your appointment please notify us at least 24 hours before the appointment. We value your needs and appreciate that sometimes you may need to reschedule your appointment but we also value the time of our doctors.

Your Online Appointment with a Doctor

To start your appointment simply login to your YEHS Doc Account and start a video consultation with a doctor. Be sure that YEHS Doc environment is secure and all our doctors are qualified GMC registered medical specialists.

Outcomes of your Appointment

In addition to advice and depending upon outcomes of your consultation, the doctor may issue a prescription or refer you to another specialist. These will be communicated to you promptly. In addition, YEHS Doc can arrange your prescription items to be delivered to you. YEHS Doc collaborates with UK GPhC registered pharmacies who source medications from bona fide UK registered pharmaceutical wholesalers registered with the MHRA. You can be assured that YEHS doc never compromises on quality. For more information about Prescriptions click here.

After your Appointment
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See a Doctor Now!

Start a video conference with one of our specialists
for a safe, discrete, convenient and affordable consultation

Book Online Doctor

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Write to a Doctor

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Asynchronous Consultation

A new convenient way to receive advice or treatment from health specialist.

Asynchronous Consultation means you share your health concern with YEHS Doc the way it suits you and we suggest doctor that could help
you resolve your problem. You can tell us about your symptoms, medical history and health problems in question trough leaving a message using:

Once your message was received one of our doctors will evaluate your particular case, your concern may be directed
towards a colleague with a particular specialty or to a group if the doctor does not have a specific colleague in mind.
After this the doctor who can help with your particular case will write to you advising
on the complexity of your issue and suggesting the consultation and cost for it.
Benefit of Asynchronous Consultation is that your medical complain directed to the right doctor straight away, the doctor gets familiar
with your medical concern in advance suggesting required duration of the consultation which may due based on your assessment.
Furthermore, while submitting or recording your massage for Asynchronous Consultation you also chose preferred
mode of the consultation: email, chat, audio or video.